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Many people have hair spray collection in their bathroom cabinet. But in these collection white hair spray seems very rarely. People think you would not look good by using white hair spray. But White hair spray have their own charm and beauty. With white shinny hair, your personality have a new and fabulous look with a great effectiveness. These White hair spray are perfumed free and may look fabulous a real. People should use this white hair color is perfect manner. Just spray on upper hair is not a proper way of using hair color. Here is proper way of use White hair spray so it seems like real hair after applying.

white hair spray

Proper way of use

Hold 30 cm away from the hair. So the hair streaks couldn’t stuck with each other. Make sure nozzle of spray is not gummed up so the spray couldn’t come in form of mist. It comes out in form of sticky spurt. Apply hair spray with shaking your hair gently. Hold your hair upward and throw back with force. If you own sensitive skin, avoid hair spray to reach on scalp. Should use curlers or heated rollers that allow spray to all part of hair. Its need some time to dray white hair spray, if you feel sleepy then use a towel over your pillow before lay down. Before apply hair spray you should be sure that you are not allergic with certain chemical used in hair spray. It’s necessary for your protection. Avoid it to expose on your eye, nose and face skin. Hair spray contain inflammable chemicals so stay away from fire.


  • White hair spray usage give you a protection from ultraviolet sun light.
  • Give you a stylish and fabulous look.
  • Avail the services of your beauty expert to color your hair with white hair spray.
  • Its temporary you can wash out by using shampoo.

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