What To Do When Your Fridge Does Not Stay Cool

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Any appliance repair be it, refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair or stove repair and so on can be expensive. Therefore, any way that we can save money should be seriously looked into before we schedule a technician to call and charge for parts and repairs.

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A refrigerator is arguably one of the most used appliances in your home, these days it is something we can’t live without.On that basis, let’s look at the most common top three parts which when defective may cause your refrigerator to become warm and not stay cool.

Cold Control

The cold control is a switch that supplies power to the fan circuits and compressor in the fridge.

If the fans circuits and compressor are not running often, the cold control may be defective. You need to confirm whether the sensing bulb or the capillary tube is out of position or damaged and that the wire terminals are not corroded. For safety reasons remember, you need to turn off the power from the appliance to perform this inspection.

Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor is located behind the evaporator cover. Its primary function is to distribute cold air throughout the refrigerator unit when the compressor is running. The fridge may become warm when this fan is defective. To troubleshoot the problem, remove the evaporator fan cover and check to see if the fan blade is attached securely. If the fan and motor appear normal, then you need to verify that enough power is delivered to these two components when the compressor is running. Again for safety reasons remember to turn off the power from the appliance to perform this inspection.

Electronic Control Board

Some refrigerator models are fitted with electronic control boards. Temperature sensors are connected to the electronic control board to monitor temperatures in the freezer compartments. If the temperature in your fridge is warm, chances are that the control could be at fault. Electronic control boards are very complex to understand. So before you conclude that it is the control board not keeping your fridge cold, you need to first verify that all of the other components in your fridge are in good condition and working properly.

If the above sounds too technical for you, then a good tip is to go to YouTube, put in the search box any of the above headings and a video will show and tell you exactly how to carry out the checks required.

Troubleshooting problems is not for everyone for whatever reason, if you do not want to get involved with the appliance then your only other alternative is to contact a local appliance repair contractor to help with fixing the problem.

Not all appliance repair contractors live up to your expectations, so do some basic checks before hiring. Ask as many questions are you need to, for example, what are guarantees, call out charges, if given go ahead for the repair is the call out charge taken from final bill, when can they schedule appointment, can they call outside of office hours if required or any other question you need to know.

Be fair and give the appliance repair company as much information as possible, make, model, year if known, serial number, what is the appliance doing or not doing as it should.

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