What are the Pros and Cons to buy Instagram Video Views

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Instagram has been received well by many as the most convenient way of sharing photos and videos by use of mobile devices. This mobile application is the first of its kind in this era of technological innovation   and has got attraction from millions of people who have  signed up  because of  its simplicity  in terms of usage,  and  is  regarded by many as  adding value to photographers and anybody who loves photo taking. The practice of sharing photos has continued even in the presence of children who watch their elder siblings and peers use the Smartphone .It is not wrong for children to have access to Instagram application; however,  it is good to weigh the pros and cons of using this app first.

buy Instagram video views

Pros to buy Instagram video views

Privacy settings of Instagram  is a feature that makes it  the greatest  mobile  app ,it  makes sure that no outsiders    who have no permission are not able to view whatever you post on your account. This is helpful   in keeping away strange people who might be offensive and possibly bring harm by commenting negatively. Using Instagram in a safe way will make the application to be self- reinforcing. On the other hand,   liking and commenting on a post helps in boosting   a user’s self-esteem and in maintaining friendship with other users. Instagram is a way of keeping in touch with long-distance friends. Also the photographed events make Instagram users   to have a feel in their lives and they regard them as important and being worthy. Finally, other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have found their way to combine with Instagram seamlessly thus helping users to stay up to date with the ongoing across the world.

Cons to buy Instagram video views

Despite Instagram’s ability of tagging a location, it may be dangerous to children who have access to this application in the absence of their parents .This is because it can cause serious harm to the minors from the predators and other instagram users with bad intentions. The surge in the rate of sharing photos has led to other mobile applications to follow suit. Instagram has a feature that allows users to send photos through direct messaging. These may increase the level of immorality whereby people may start sexting and sharing illicit videos and photos. Although hashtags are of great use when it comes to drawing many followers, a user who is open to public might be prone to negative comments.

Although there many advantages of using Instagram, users should be extra cautious on the cons discussed above and ensure that they make the right choices that will keep them safe while using the app.


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