Wear a Corset to Help Accentuate Your Post Delivery Waistline

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Abdominal compression binders have been around for decades, and women have been using them to tightly tuck in their tummy after their babies are born. With manufacturers claiming that using a girdle can help you gain back your pre-pregnancy abdominal muscles, and celebrities promoting the use of a postpartum corset, wearing a binder or a corset post-delivery have become popular amongst new mothers. These days, there is no dearth of shapes, designs and sizes of such products to choose from at online and offline specialty stores.

postpartum girdle

In a recent interview, Hollywood actress Jessica Alba told a fashion website that she wore two girdles for three months for a speedy postpartum recovery, no wonder she has got her pre-pregnancy body back. Yes, experts recommend that women who are obese or have had a caesarean baby should wear this postpartum girdle for at least six to eight weeks after delivery to provide the comfort and support to the abdominal and back muscles. It definitely helps in pushing all your stretched muscles back into place.

The Ultra Slim fit Bellefit Postpartum Corset

Are you recovering from a caesarean section delivery? This well-designed Bellefit postpartum girdle does provide the right kind of support and durability. Featuring a lateral zipper on the side and with two sets of adjustable hook and eye closures down the front, this ultra slim fit Bellefit girdle is ideal for slender body shapes. There is a provision to tighten the girdle to provide additional compression to your abdominal muscles as you progress through your postpartum recovery. This medical grade postpartum girdle does cover the groin area, but for ease of use, there is a flap opening with hook closures. Yes, the manufacturers seem to have found the right solutions for women who want to look like a million bucks immediately after their delivery.

During pregnancy and after giving birth to a new being, your body definitely goes through a lot of pulling and stretching of the skin and muscles around your abdomen region. These can cause a lot of aches and pains in the lower back region and the abdomen region. There is no need to through such discomfort anymore. This high quality abdominal postpartum girdle will provide the right kind of support to those aching muscles to make you feel as good as new in the quickest of time.

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