Warehouse Owners – Top 10 Health and Safety Concerns

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In a warehouse environment there are various different considerations to factor in for health and safety. The use of heavy machinery, stacked crates, more people all increase the risks, which if not properly assessed can be a recipe for a disaster.


To give you a helping hand, here’s the top 10 concerns you should be looking at in your warehouse.

Loading Bays

One of the busiest and most hazardous areas in a warehouse are loading bays. There is often a high volume of employees working in these areas on foot or with loading vehicles such as forklift trucks and transportation vehicles. A thorough risk assessment of these areas is essential to put health and safety procedures in place, such as alert signs for reversing vehicles and training to minimise accidents.

Fork Lift Trucks

A huge proportion of warehouse related injuries are attributed to fork lift trucks. An essential piece of equipment throughout warehouses, operators should be given full and careful training, along with periodic refreshers. Also, clear fork-lift lanes should be marked throughout the premises.


With the use of heavy machinery and goods, your flooring willinevitably be subject to a higher level of wear and tear. Ensuring that you have the appropriate surface installed to withstand your particular use, as well as repairing damage as quickly as possible is a must.


Warehouses don’t tend to have windows, so can be dimly lit in places. Paying close attention to lighting will ensure that good visibility is maintained throughout.


Pallets come in all shapes and sizes for racking and transporting goods. They can get damaged over time, which isn’t always easy to spot. Putting a pallet checking system in place will help to identify and resolve issues and avoid foreseeable accidents.


In relation to pallets is the racking systems you use. Most warehouses will stack and rack goods as high as they safely can, but damaged pallets, misuse of a forklift or over stacking can cause serious problems.

Hazard Communication

Identify any potential hazards there may be and mark them clearly with the right hazard signs.  Whether it’s a wet floor sign, high voltage, tripping hazard or reversing vehicles these signs should be clearly visible and communicated to all employees.


Fires can take incredibly quickly in warehouses and cause huge damage to lives and stocks. Well-placed fire extinguishers are a must in all areas, along with the correct fire door equipment, signs and procedures.

Electrical Wiring

In a warehouse of any size, there will be a mass of electrical wiring for lighting and machinery. This can be a major hazard if not installed and maintained correctly.

First Aid

With an increased risk of accidents and injuries, having the appropriate first aid equipment and trained first aiders will ensure that if there is an accident you know what to do.

Bearing all of these elements in mind and applying the appropriate risk assessment and health and safety procedures should help to make your warehouse a safe and healthy place to work.

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