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VPS in China is compevo communications, from Vancouver, Canada With China’s economy still surging ahead and many foreign companies and expatriates moving into China the demand for IT services, especially hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers in China have dramatically expanded. However, there are barriers that many foreign companies and nationals have to contend with, and plus the inflexibility of dealing with local companies in China in terms of payment etc…

There are more and more people looking for a reliable company who speaks English and offers support in English, accept credit cards, PayPal etc….

One company that keeps popping up when searching for a VPS in China is compevo communications, from Vancouver, Canada. According to their website they have been in the Chinese market offering VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Hosting in China since 2009. The thing that sets them apart is the quality of their bandwidth, even some Chinese companies have used their services because it is very hard to find good, quality bandwidth in China and to achieve high speeds overseas. This is what compevo has been known for and is probably why they come highly recommended.

Just remember to contact them first to tell them your plans and project goals in China and to let them know exactly what you will be doing with the server. They say this is to avoid complications and other problems since sometimes certain things are not possible in China such as hosting adult content, gambling sites, hosting without an ICP license so they always recommend that you get in touch with them first.

Their plans all include unmetered/unlimited bandwidth so you cannot go wrong there and in the case of their Dedicated Servers, they sell dedicated/non-shared bandwidth on individual circuits for each server. If you don’t want to share bandwidth with other users (eg. have a high bandwidth application) in China, it is best to go with a physical dedicated server. Once again the difference with compevo is that the port speed they advertise is what you get, when traditionally in China providers advertise a certain port speed but in reality they limit you. Other providers who claim to offer 100M shared ports usually cap you at less than 4M (4mbit!) but may not advertise this up front. When other providers in China advertise the port speed of their servers they usually only guarantee or mean the port speed on the switch (yes I know this sounds silly but it is very standard in China).

The above reasons are why I believe most people choose compevo for their VPS and Dedicated Server needs in China, because they have superior pricing, English, support and most importantly truthfully advertised, high quality bandwidth that actually has great speeds overseas.

When choosing an IT provider for hosting, whether in China or abroad the standard checklist applies but in China they have rewritten the game due to their only being two ISPs/bandwidth providers, the great firewall, content restrictions and a myriad of bandwidth options and qualities with some areas of China having very poor or no access to overseas fiber. If you choose the wrong provider you will literally be stuck in China with their local bandwidth and 56K speeds outside of China. You can check out compevo’s main website here for their other VPS and Linux Dedicated Server Hosting offers

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