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Initially, when the concept of social security was introduced in United States Of America, the purpose was not to make was not to issue social security numbers as universal identifiers. With the passage of time, having a social security number became a necessity of every citizen of US. Like all other personal details you have; such as residential address, email address, account number; social security number is also important and has to be kept a secret like other personal details. Everyone is advised not to share these details with someone you do not trust or not know well. if you have reached 18 years of age being in US, then you need to visit the nearest social security office immediately to get issued a 9 digit social security number.

social security officeImportance of social security office

A social security office is as important as a bank. The representatives there will make you understand that the 9 digit social security number they are issuing you are going to be the most important digits of your life. You have to protect its secrecy no matter what. When you are applying for the job, you would only be eligible if you have a valid social security number. There are many places where you would need to use your social security number, so make sure that you remember it by heart.

Identity theft

One of the most major crimes in US these days is identity theft. A large number of reports have been filed in the past years in this regard, where thieves get access to all your personal information, and misuse them to commit crimes and various frauds. The most reported means of stealing identity are:

  • Hacking emails
  • Phone scams
  • Receipts found in trash
  • Hacking unprotected wireless networks

This is another reason why we hear people advising to dispose off all personal documents (when not needed) properly, rather than throwing them in the garbage. You can never know who will get their hands over your information and misuse it for their benefit. Identity thieves are also difficult to track, as their own identity is lost somewhere is the mess. They can do all sorts of shopping on your credit cards or also file counterfeit your tax returns, using all personal data about you.

How to protect your social security number

The representatives at social security office will guide you the ways you can protect your social security number. Follow them properly and try not to be irresponsible in this matter. Some precautions you can take are:

  • Think of your social security number as a confidential information, which must not be given out unnecessarily.
  • Place your social security card at a safe place.
  • Avoid carrying out your card in your handbag, if not required.
  • Be very vigilant while you have to show your card to someone, make sure they are trustworthy or linked to some reliable organization.
  • If someone asks you for your social security number, you have the right to ask he reason.

Social security number is as private as an email account’s password. You do not give it away unnecessarily. If you have lost your social security card, then approach to the nearest social security office and report it. You will get a new one in a few days.

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