Using Feng Shui for Romance

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Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement.  It works by combining and using different elements and placement to promote the proper flow of Chi throughout the home.  Chi is the energy that Asian based cultures believe is our life energy. If your love life seems to be hitting the rocks, or you feel that it just needs improved in general, here are a few quick tips to get the love chi flowing!

1) If you are recovering from a previous relationship, get rid of all the memoirs.  Nothing is going to keep you from moving forward more than pictures, gifts, sweet things, or other reminders of your last relationship.

sweet things

2) Clean up the clutter – How can you get it on in a spot that is cluttered and dirty?  While it is a good rule of thumb to have your house clean anyway, pay special attention to the romantic center of your home, which is most often the bedroom.

3) Use Romantic Colors – This isn’t to say that you need to make the room disgustingly feminine – I personally can’t stand pink, to be honest.  But you’ll want reds, pinks, and even oranges in whatever shade you like best. This doesn’t have to be the main focus on the room, but simply to provide an influence to it.

4) Try to avoid having mirrors close to, or in sight of, the bed – The reasoning behind this, in Feng Shui terms, is that it gives the impression that someone is watching.  Now, if that is the kind of thing that turns you on, or if you just can’t resist the mirror on the ceiling approach, you might want to ignore this tip.

5) Hang wind chimes or crystals in front of the window – This will help draw good chi in, and also these accessories can look great!  While we are talking about the window, we don’t want the bed to be directly underneath it.  This can cause the Chi that is going through the house to simply escape out the window, which is not what you want to accomplish.

6) Use Sweet And Romantic Words: Using sweet things to say and cute things to say to your girlfriend in a relationship is an art and increase romance and intimacy between partners.

These are a few tips from the Feng Shui angle, and you can adapt them as you see fit to your own style and love life.

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