Using drug test cups? Here is why companies still do it

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Drug testing

A study indicated last year that a total of 350,000 people who used drug test cups to undergo drug testing, were found guilty of in taking drugs and alcohol abuse. Approximately, it is estimated that the workers were asked to pee into drug testing cups for almost 9 million times. The most common drugs found to be being used by workers were marijuana, amphetamines and painkillers. However no matter how strong it might be believed that drug testing may result in improved workforce. This is not necessarily always the case and by using drugs test cups you only increase the expenses of the company while the output is not what you would expect.


drug test cups

Impact of drug abuse on workforce

The drug tests that were completed using drug test cups in the U.S revealed that around 30-40 percent of the company’s workforce is severely affected and in some cases, damaged. Drug addicted workers means poor and less productive workforce while sober workers would mean the opposite.

Pro and Cons of drug testing

  • It will make employees intake drugs less often or eradicate the use of them completely which will help making a better efficient workplace.
  • By making drug testing compulsory for every company, the frequent drug users will avoid in joining such companies, hence the productive workforce will be saved.
  • This however is sometimes a failed attempt because people who smoke marijuana for instance will give up smoking it for a few days and will come out clean from the test and then will continue smoking once the test has been done.
  • The cost for testing drug and alcohol abuse is normally very high per person and so the results of such a high-cost test is not the final word as the use or misuse of drugs can not define the workforce abilities.
  • Generally there is a lack of evidence to prove that employees who drug abuse will not perform better. At the end it all depends upon the abilities of the employee.
  • However no matter how strong it might be believed that drug testing may result in improved workforce. This is not necessarily always the case. The good or bad performance of the employee cannot solely be determined by drug testing nor can it be attributed to it. Drug abuse can be one of the many reasons that may have a possible impact on the employee performance. The other factors may include marital or family problems, stress, illness or dysfunctional personalities.

Reasons why drug testing should be done

  • The companies still believe in the effectiveness and efficiency of drug testing.
  • Drug testing is also believed to be efficient because the employees are given insurance allowances and hence the expenses of the drug testing could be saved.
  • Another reason why companies prefer to use it a very sharp and planned tactic. Companies may use drug testing and promote it to portray a clean and drug-free image of their company, which would lead to the company’s reputation to dramatically boost.

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