Upgrade your Pistol with ZEV Technologies Dragonfly DLC Slide

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Zev Technology presenting various Dragonfly Signatures cuts stainless-steel billet slides ready to be set up on your Glock. These slides functions a reduced fire slot and perfection breech face and shooting pin gap (no broaching) to make sure continually appropriate attacks. Moreover, the ZEV Technology slides are skeletonised to decrease the overall weight of the gun. These competitors’ quality pre-cut slides are a must if you are looking to enhance the look as well as of your Gen 3 Glock.


The ZEV Technologies Dragonfly DLC Slide Glock 34 Gen 3 was created to be the perfect product for anyone in need of an excellent choice.

These Gun Parts through the professional product experts at ZEV Technology are created working with durable and effective components, in order to provide you with something that is going to be highly effective for plenty of decades. Developed using some of the best obtainable elements and development, these Gun Parts from the product experts at ZEV Technology can last you a surprisingly long time.

Slide cut: DRAGONFLY

As one of our most popular signature slide cut options, the Dragonfly eliminates the most amount of material, while keeping architectural hardness. This particular slide you will see being used in most competitors programs, the ms windows allow for competitive design as well as the improved chilling of the gun barrel.

ZEV Technology has been producing top high quality products for some time, and the ZEV Technology Dragonfly Gun Glide, G34, Gen 3 is their very own way of exposing how much they care.

This is a new complete slide for a Glock 17 / 34. This is a $1400.00 slide. It has the dimply gun barrel, reduces with dish for red dot increasing. You cannot have this slide made for the price it is being offered for! This slide is for a Glock 17 and 34 1st – 3rd years. Z17 group of 3 RMR slide design #SLD-Z17-3G-TRI-RMR-DLC.  Please request any inquiries prior to buying. This product is protected under Zev Technology assurance. If you have any problems with slide, the guidelines and contact details is involved inside box.

Whether you are looking to contend or expecting to enhance your self-defense efficiency, improving your pistol with perfection parts can be a great option to consider. Unfortunately, many companies are very costly and building a customized pistol that will really execute could easily cost two, three, or even four times more costly than just buying the tool on its own. Furthermore, one of the significant reasons you bought a Glock was for its stability and sturdiness, and many of these more costly improvements discarded so many parts that it is hard to tell what they keep and whether it is as effective. Luckily, there are more cost-effective solutions that actually work with your pistol and that substitute begins with ZEV Technology. Read more to know about best Pistol parts with ZEV Technologies.


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