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The C&S companies are consulting firms. They operate on a middle sized platform. C&S provides various services such as Aviation, civil infrastructure,Landscape architecture, Sound Attenuation, Transportation and many more. C&S companies have introduced a new brand which is called “ Q ware CMMS”, www.qwarecmms.com. It is a computerised maintenance management software. It a software manufactured with advanced technology especially for small and medium sized working organisations. Q Ware incorporates five offices upkeep modules intended to make the administration of work requests, preventive support planning, stock administration, resource administration, and office occasion booking more proficient and powerful. Q Ware CMMS is a very easy to use maintenance software which does involves advance technology but its simple. It is made simpler to use so that its feasible in operation for organisations like schools, universities, hospitals, industries, colleges, airports, banks and many more organisations. Any association that embraces it will significantly profit by enhanced record keeping, better data sharing, lessening of paper-based records, and all the more auspicious interchanges. Q Ware is an awesome new CMMS asset with components like more costly programming intended for expansive associations however which are hard to utilise and require broad preparing.



Presently even little operations can begin utilising 21st century innovation.Some recently discharged Q-Ware CMMS components incorporate an extra that adjusts Q Ware CMMS with neighbourhood client administration frameworks and a more vigorous versatile work request administration interface. Future improvements to the applications dashboard and interface, and in addition giving the capacity to correspond with other office related frameworks, are forthcoming presented. A two-minute Q Ware CMMS video can be found on the Q Ware CMMS Web webpage. The source of Q Ware CMMS , Que Center, was gained by C&S Companies in 2007, www.qwarecmms.com.


Q-Ware CMMS Pro Services convey master specialists to your association to quicken your operational objectives. These are frequently the most tedious undertakings when acquiring support programming Interestingly, however are the most profitable to offices experts. Q-Ware CMMS  is focused on giving administrations that make resource administration straightforward. Both our Data Collection and PM Program Build administrations kick off the appropriation of Q-Ware by dealing with the information section and support planning bit of setup.


As mentioned above, www.qwarecmms.com, various facilities, here’s a brief review:

* Airport Facility: Airport facility is of great importance to both the land and air operations. So while providing services to airports its vital to make sure that both the land side and air side are covered. The airport facility they provide are:

– Airside maintenance

-Landside maintenance

-Maximize Costumer Experience

-Hangar and equipment maintenance

* School Facility: They have been providing school facilities since 10 years from now. And also they have covered more than 150 schools which a part of their great achievement.  They have provided services such that to help save time and money and even resources. Their school facilities include:

– Building maintenance

– Ensuring safe environment

– Schools event management

– Fixed Assets tracking

Therefore there are many other various facilities that they provide but the most important ones were these. Q-ware CMMS, has been very successful in fulfilling all their aims and goals and have largely satisfied their costumers.

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