Understanding Obesity: America’s Epidemic

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Obesity has become the number one epidemic in the UnitedStates.There are millions of adults and children suffering from obesity every day. Many say that the solution is simple – reduce calorie intake and crank up calorie burning.


However, it is not as simple as that. Trying to get out of this epidemic is not just deciding whether to eat less and work out more. According to many experts, there is more to obesity than just overweight people dieting and working out.


The body on its own is a biologic system that is highly complex. We are all wired to find as much food as we can to survive. The body will always find a way to be on homeostasis. When we say homeostasis, this is the point when our body is finding a balance, or an equilibrium.


For example, your body organs such as your stomach, intestines, and pancreas; they all send signals to your brain that you are hungry and it is time to eat. While you are eating, the same organs will signal your brain that you are full. This will prevent you from eating more.


Understanding how your body works will help you understand further as to why obesity is not just a simple as many would think. Yes it is a great idea to eat healthy, exercise and even possibly use dietary supplements like the garcinia cambogia dr oz recommends. But there is more to it.


There are many factors that affect a person’s desire to eat. Aside from the biological urge to eat when one smells something really delicious, factors such as stress and low blood sugar can also play an important role. Adding to that, if you deprive yourself of food, this will only magnify your hunger and will result into splurging of food.


Another cause of obesity is dining out. Although not all restaurants offer fattening food, a lot of them have uncontrollable portions. It is a business ploy they play to get ahead over other competitors but it is the diners who are suffering the blow.


An average restaurant meal is actually 3 to 4 times bigger than the portions the elders had in restaurants in the 50’s. Most especially, with the sugary drinks and the trans-fat added to the menu, with a staggering increase of 7 ounces of fat to 42 ounces of fat for the past five decades, obesity is not a shock at all. No matter where you eat, you get sugary drinks, unhealthy fats, refined grains, red meat and big portions.


There are a lot of reasons why obesity has triggered as an epidemic. Here are the following reasons:


1.       Increased availability, affordability and variety of palatable food.

2.       Physical demands in many jobs today have decreased.

3.       Stress and sleep deprivation.

4.       Unhealthy digestive tract.

5.       Improper choice of diet.


There are so many ways in fighting off obesity. Aside from keeping a food diary to tally what you have eaten for the day, eating a high fiber diet can be very helpful. This will help you stay full and curb your cravings. Purging your pantry of the unhealthy stuff is also one way of preventing obesity.


If you get rid of those concentrates and sugary, processed food, you are surely on the right track. Avoid carbohydrates. Excess carbohydrates can turn to fat. You can also consult your doctor to find health supplements that can help you lose weight safely and effectively. And most importantly, always remember to get active.

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