Understanding Linux Dedicated Web Server Hosting!

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In order to understand Linux dedicated web server hosting, you first need to understand what Linux is and what is dedicated web server hosting.

About Linux:

Linux basically is a Unix-like compliant operating system. It has been assembled under the model of distribution and development of open source and free software.

What is the dedicated web server hosting?

Linux dedicated web server hosting

To put it simply, it is one of the categories of internet hosting. In this type of hosting, the client is able to charter the whole server and not share it with somebody else. Dedicated web server hosting is more flexible than the other type of hosting known as shared hosting. This is because in dedicated hosting, organizations have complete control over their servers and this includes their preferred hardware, operating software etc. The advantages of dedicated web hosting are that it offers security, control, and high performance. But because the price of dedicated hosting is relatively high, it is most commonly used by such websites that receive a good amount of traffic.

The features:

There are a number of features of the Linux dedicated web server hosting. Some of these are mentioned here. You get CentOS Linux along with full root access, cPanel with a WHM control panel, an Apache Web server and your servers are secured with IPTables Firewall. Additional features include unlimited outgoing messages and unlimited emails every hour, complete access to server logs via SSH, dedicated static IPs, and many others.

Uses of Linux dedicated hosting:

With a dedicated server, you get ultimate power, security and control. Once you have your own server, others will not be able to disrupt the performance of your website. Furthermore, you will be able to access all of the resources of the server and the horsepower that you require for your website. For these reasons, Linux dedicated hosting is used at a number of places.

Large websites of e-commerce:

If you have a business that you run online, then you fully understand that you cannot absolutely afford to have downtime on your website. Hence, once you will have a Linux dedicated server, the online storefront will have a room not only to scale but also with stand a large amount of traffic in the busiest times.

  1. High traffic websites:

There might come a time when your high traffic website will outgrow the traditional shared hosting. In such cases, a good idea is to upgrade yourself to a dedicated server as this will help your website in performing its best.

  1. Reseller hosting:

You can easily make extra money by providing Linux dedicated hosting for the websites that you have built for others. Once shared hosting does not work well anymore, a dedicated server is a thing to turn to. It is powerful enough that it will help you generate an additional amount of revenue.

  1. Particular agencies:

Another good use of Linux dedicated hosting is to use it in agencies that have clients with high profiles. This is because they need a strong enough for their streaming purposes and also for the numerous fans that visit their website.

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