Treatments for Hair Loss That Always Work

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There are many treatments for hair loss out there that can be helpful. The key is to find the right one that will work for you. These treatments can be divided into 3 different categories, which include: medical treatments, non-surgical hair replacement, and hair transplant.

There are two medical treatments for hair loss that have been approved by the FDA. These two medications are propecia and rogaine. Propecia is an oral pill that you’ll need to take once daily. The 5-alpha reductase enzyme is what helps stop testosterone from being converted into dihydroxytestosterone, which leads to hair loss. When propecia inhibits the activity of this enzyme it will help promote hair growth in your hair follicles. The more you use this medication the more your thin hair will become thick hair. It’s important to note though that once you stop taking propecia it will cause your hair to fall out again.

treatments for hair loss

Rogaine is the other medication often used to treat hair loss. This medication is a topical solution that will have different strengths or concentrations. This medication unlike propecia can be used by both women and men to treat hair loss. Also, unlike propecia this medication doesn’t require a prescription as it can be purchased over the counter. The way this medication helps is by increasing the the amount of protein in the hair and follicles. This increase in protein will create new hair and help your hair look more full. This medication was first believed to help with growing new hair when it was being used as a high blood pressure medication. The side effect of using it to treat high blood pressure was the fact that it would cause hair to grow faster.

Other medications that have been proven to help regrow hair are avodart and nizoral. Neither of these products have been approved by the FDA and will need to be taken for about 8 months in order to fully stop hair loss.

There are also hair transplant surgical procedures that can be used to stop hair loss problems. These procedures can cause adverse side effects like scarring if not done properly. The idea of this treatment is that the doctor will take hair from areas like the side and the back and move it to areas on the scalp where no hair is growing. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia.

Some of the steps during hair transplant surgery include cleaning the scalp properly, applying anesthesia to the areas of the scalp with no hair, removing the portion of the scalp that has hair with a scalpel and moving it to balding areas, removing the scalp from each hair using sharp blades and a magnifying glass, and finally cleaning and preparing the areas of the scalp that needs the healthy hair strands to be transplanted.

one of the biggest problems with hair transplant surgery is the fact that after the procedure it’s possible for it to look unnatural. However, over the years surgeons have become more skillful at performing hair transplantation and making it look like the person’s natural hair.

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