The iCare Electrical Callus Remover

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The iCare Callus remover is an electrical foot file, which is operates with batteries, innovated, and manufactured with the distinct intention to remove any form of calluses from you’re your feet with convenience and efficiency. The design of the iCare Callus remover features a comfortable grip, with a safe function, that allow you to use it with ease. The product is ergonomic, and adapts easily to your needs. Premium quality materials instigated during the manufacturing process, adds durability to the device, ensuring persistent and continuous use. The design of the middle and base of the electric callus remover, improve the grip and endorse effective control. If it is perfect, uncrack, and no more delicate, heals you desire, this best callus remover yet. Operating with two AA batteries, which are not included in the packaging, the comprehensive roughness of the roller head will get rid of the dead skin from your feet. Leaving them soft, and charming looking. The iCare Callus remover is definitely use with easy, askes for minimum upkeep and provide you with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the functioning of your pink or blue model. How to operate Your Icare Callus Remover: Ensure that the roller head is firmly attach to the unit. Ensure that your skin is dry; moistness will cause the device not to function appropriately. Slide the slider to turn on the device Guide the roller head over the rough skin, exfoliating the dead cells of the skin slowly but surely. Do not apply this to the same skin are for more than four seconds in a single application. Take caution not to press to hard, as it will cause the unit to stop. In order to check if you have accomplished the softness you wished for, turn the device off, using the slider again. Should you not be happy with the results achieved thus far, you can continue exfoliating the dead cells, until you have accomplished soft brittle free heals. Once you are satisfied with the texture of your feet, rinse your feet, to clear away the remainder of the dead skin cells. Dry your feet well Apply a lavish moisturizing cream just to spoil your feet a little more If this is not prove enough of the comfort and ease you can use the iCare Callus Remover, why not order one to convince yourself, after all you do have the money back guarantee if you are unhappy. Consumers must take note that the use of this device is for feet only, and no other parts of the body. It is advisable not to use it on broken, irritated or inflamed skin, and if your feet become any of the previous mentioned, please discontinue the use of the device. What to expect in your box The Electrical, battery operated, Callus Remover An additional Coarse Roller Head Cleaning Brush to do maintenance with Operating & Safety Manual Just to recap the convenience of this product BATTERY ACTIVATED; no disordered wires or continuous charging. EFFECTIVENESS IS BETTER THAN SCRAPERS; get rid of dead skin cells and calluses four times quicker than traditional methods. HIGH SPEED MOTOR; effortlessly get rid of the roughest skin with no extra scouring and scraping. ERGONOMIC BODY; light in weight and simply angled for picture-perfect removal on all edges of your feet. WATER RESISTANT; easily washed with cleaning brush. 30-DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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