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Recently the world has advanced that technology needs to be used in technological ways. With invent of different gadgets scientists developed something that could enhance the use of Hearing while using personal computers and laptops known as headphones or earphones. While reading this you would be wondering what is the actual difference between a headphone and earphone. How they are separated in terms of technology from each other while being from the same domain. So let’s head to the topic itself.

Plantronics Headphones


The invent of headphones was when there was a sound card installed on the personal computers in the early years. While before those headphones was only used with the walkman.

The Actual definition of headphone that it is a gadget that is switched in the personal computer or the speaker that you are using at the first hand to hear the sound  listen the sound just for yourself. When the headphones are switched in the sound that was revolving into the surrounding will stop and will only come into the headphones through the cord. While with the advance of technology headphones was dividing into more categories as gaming headphones and normal headphones. While headphones being precise and clear making things more on the professional side.


Well, these similar to headphones used to hear songs. Most of the times these are used on iPod or cell phones. Earphones are smaller than the headphone but the produce similar quality sound like headphones. Earphones mostly go inside the ear and the quality of earphone is that your ears don’t have to bear the heaviness of like headphones. You can hear songs for hours on the earphones. Different companies are progressing in making comfortable designs of earphones.


The microphone is the greatest use of today’s Internet. The person who doesn’t have a microphone is considered as the person who has no voice. Microphones were invented in 1877 by well-known scientists in the field Emile Berliner. At first microphone definition was described as the input device. Because it was being used to input the data into the computer. Most of the time microphone is connected to the computer using the pin port in the sound card. But nowadays there is a microphone that uses USB port.

Now let’s talk about different companies that are developing these gadgets. Although there are many big names in the world but the one that is turning the Big waves into smaller one is Plantronics. Plantronics is very old company when it comes to headphone development. There was the first company that introduced the first lightweight headphones. Before this, they were also known Pacific Plantronics. Plantronics Headphones  are of the best quality.

From a call centre, employee to a professional gamer people use their headphones all around the globe. Encorepro 710 and Gamecom 788 are the top of the line products of Plantronics. Although both are from different genre  one is for office use and other is for gaming purposes but trust me both are the best.


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