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Do you use the printer for printing business cards? Is your business card printed as you want? There are many products which enable you to print and design the business card, but however you will not achieve the high quality and the professional level design. The Catdi provides one of the best printing solutions. The business owners understand the importance of well-designed business card.

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Importance of business card

The business card is used for the reference in the future as a marketing purpose. However, it needs to be appropriate in size and must depict the professional image of the person. There aremany key elements in a business card, but three are the main features which are must on the card which is as follows

  • Name of the business
  • Contact information
  • Logo of the company

Popular Edge Black color

Catdi printing service provides avariety of designs and templates to their clients. The vast collection templates and colors may confuse the client, so our representative customer guides such customers. However, the Black cards or the multilayered Super Edge Black cards are very popular. It consists of two layers which are fixed with the bright white and the black core color. The edge color gives a very bold look and enhances its appeal. The design stands out from the other templates designs and is modern as well as elegant in its appearance.

  • The thickness of the card will be 32pt
  • The premium three layer stock
  • Quantity will be low as 250

Why us?

The Catdi provides reasonable and affordable prices to their clients. We explain the vital elements to our customers and show them each and every template of a business card. Our customer representative tells and guides the owner with the suitable template which goes best with the firm. We also accept custom orders and respect the ideas of our clients. We want that business cards must be designed in the best possible way, so it leaves a maximum impact on the people and urges them to use it instead of holding it for so long.

Contact us

Our team of professionals helps to change the impossible into possible. Our employees have good knowledge and years of experience. The designers keep on introducing and creating innovative designs so that our customers enjoy our service. Our services are accessible 24 hours and seven days a week.

Catdi printing company is serving since 2005 and is known as the best graphic, designing and printing provider. We assure to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction by providing high-quality service at the affordable price. Our marketing team keeps on attracting hundreds of consumers every day so get your business card printed from Catdi. We will help to design your brand, logo which will complement your identity and the service your offer. Business cards do matter and plays as the communicative power. Instead of looking for the cheap printing services try Catdi commercial and professional printing. Contact us today or get more relevant information by calling 713 882 4629.

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