Regular eye checkups is a must”- says famed ophthalmologist Dr. Calvin Grant

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The human race basically lives off their five senses. These are namely, that of hearing or audioception, smell or olfacoception or olfacception, sight or ophthalmoception, touch or tactioception and taste or gustaoception. Each of these senses are immensely important for an individual to live a fruitful and satisfactory life. Losing one of these senses would only mean to lose an entire dimension of your life. Thus you can very well understand the importance of keeping your senses intact. Among these five senses, the first and foremost of sense is that of sight or ophthalmoception. Without sight how colorful would life be?

eye checkups Dr. Calvin Grant

Right! Not at all. So you can well apprehend the gravity of the matter when it is said that you should get regular eye checkups to keep your visual sense in the best of condition. According to renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Calvin Grant, eye checkup is not a treatment but a prevention process. By taking a proper check up for your eye you can prevent any serious disorder as because you are eradicating it right from its root,i.e, the beginning. Here are some more detailed reasons why regular eye checkup is vital for your well being:


  • Eye is a delicate organ and it is affected by many conditions. End number of things can be discovered while your doctor is performing an eye check up on your visual organs. While every periodical eye check up session consists of checking your present vision power and reach, which is also known as refractive error. But also a routine eye check up may encompass checks on other complex conditions like that of strabismus or crossed eyes, loss of color distinction, problems with eye teaming and astigmatism.
  • Do not even dare to think that you had your checkup some months back and your eyes are still in perfect harmony with your well being. One of the root reason behind eye check ups is the fact that eye changes, that too quite frequently. Therefore even if eye conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration are a gradual thing, then again there are much more complex eye conditions which may surface all of a sudden. So you may not be aware of any huge potential slow damage process happening in your eyes but your ophthalmologist can always look into your eyes and see these sudden harmful changes. And the best thing about any condition to be detected early is that you can then almost instantaneously prevent it. While in comparison when a condition is detected in its mid stage or last stage, then prevention is out of the question and even proper treatment is tough and the recovery time is also quite long.
  • According to expert ophthalmologist Calvin Grant, eye is the very window to one’s health in entirety. Basically when you are having some other health issues, in many cases eyes are the first organ to show its symptoms. So by getting regular eye checkups, you are not only ensuring your visual health but health as a whole.


Therefore, now it is more so prominent to you that why you should get regular eye checkups.


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