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Zeiss prescription lenses

If you are a lucky owner of a pair of prescription glasses, you know how expensive they can get. Learn these simple tips on how to make them serve longer.

  1. Readjust Them

Get your frames adjusted every year. Go to a local optical shop and ask them to refit your accessory for you or do it by yourself. The latter is possible if the frames on your glasses are made of plastic. Warm them up with hot water or a blow-dryer and bend them to fit the shape of your head. Do not use too high temperature because it can melt the frames and destroy the glasses.

  1. Keep Them Clean

Clean your glasses with a special solution or use kitchen soap. Put the lenses under the stream of warm water and add a little bit of cleanser of choice. Gently wash the lenses with clean fingers or a soft piece of cloth. You should never use harsh chemicals like acetone or alcohol. They might cause further damage to the existing scratches. Wash your glasses once a day to keep them in their best state as long as possible.

  1. Polish The Lenses

Getting rid of the scratches will help you to prolong the life of your glasses. Use a soft piece of fabric to buff the damage away. There are several options you can use for this particular task. The most common are toothpaste and baking soda. Add several drops of water to baking soda and mix a thick paste. Use it to polish glass or plastic lenses gently with light circular motions. Another option is car wax. It can be used to coat the lenses. Wash it off with warm running water and rub dry with a soft fabric. It should remove all of the scratches and give your glasses a second life.

  1. Use Suitable Appliances

Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to wipe, polish, and dry your glasses.  You should never use paper towels or any other fabrics on your lenses because of their textured surface. Always keep your microfiber cloth clean and dry to avoid scratching the lenses with dust and dirt particles.

  1. Store Them Properly

Storing your glasses properly is one of the main rules for prolonging their life. Many people tend to leave their glasses in potentially dangerous places like beds and couches. Make sure to keep your Zeiss prescription lenses in a case with a soft padding. It will help to protect your glasses from the damages caused by the environment. You should always keep them faced down to avoid touching the lenses when taking them out of the container.

  1. Handle Them Carefully

Handling your glasses with care is one of the most important ways to protect your glasses. Make sure to use both of your hands when taking them off instead of one. You should also avoid touching the nosepiece to preserve the coating of wire-framed glasses. Always pick up your spectacles by both frames to avoid bending them.

Stick to these recommendations to prolong the life of your glasses!

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