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One of the most common questions on the net is that of how to earn money online. Over time we have written several articles where we tried to make clear, in a very honest and objective manner, how to make money online. Yet they continue to get private emails and comments on this blog, by several people, who convinced us that “it should be repeated” (as they liked to say in Latin).

In fact, the doubts and questions are always those recurrent and the worrying thing is that a lot of people are convinced that it can make money with the internet through methodologies and tools which, in our opinion, they only lose time and energy in the best cases and … even money (often!) in the worst cases.

Google Sniper


Without this necessary premise, as we have said in the past, systems to earn money online there are so many and every week always comes out a “new” method. Please note that we have put, not surprisingly, the quotes on “new” because, in reality, often it is only a sinister recycling of bankruptcy or fraudulent systems presented, however, with a dress a bit ‘more appealing.

Now we put it back to explain, for word for word, what are the systems to be avoided to make money with internet? However, because we want to emphasize certain things because we think they are very important, below you will find several links that will lead you to this site articles where you can look into various issues.

That said, let’s start right away from those that are the methods on how to earn money online you should absolutely avoid, because you’ll require a lot of work in exchange for very little money. You have linked them down here right away.

Earning by reading e-mail

Earning visiting sites

Make money advertising bars

Earning responding to opinion polls

Earn by writing reviews

And so on…

All systems are to be avoided since, as we have already mentioned, revenues are very low compared to the time they need. On balance, the gains hovering around the 10-15 cents per hour for those who carry out intensive work! So a misery.

Maybe it this question is arising spontaneously: “Then why there are plenty of sites that recommend these systems to make money online?” The answer is simple: because we earn! In fact, 10 times out of 10, who do you suggest these methods does so only because it has its own specific advantage.

Other types of systems to earn with the web, unfortunately highly publicized on the internet but you have to avoid like the plague as, are:

Make money with online casinos

This is because the first depends on luck, and because the house always wins in the long run you will be cleaned of a substantial portion of your money. The second one depends on your skills to benefit against others and considers that they are all over the counter for your same reason, and that many of them are quite good…

To be avoided are then also all those methods to make money online. The best known examples:

Make money with PayPal (or its variant Post-pay)

Earn 26 euro a pop (or other variations on the price) sending e-mail

Are all illegal systems based on chain letters or Ponzi schemes, which are outright frauds prosecuted by law in our country (and not only in our country wanting to be precise!).

Whenever I talk to someone on Facebook or in the forums and I come to these conclusions, often the objection is raised, “but in a site I read that …” or “I think you’re too hard because at this site say …” and etc.

Phosphate usual myth: the Internet, as in real life, there are no free lunches! The simple truth is that if you really want to earn, online as offline, you have to create wealth for yourself, for your neighbor and to society. Point.

Hoping to have you warned against the systems that will only waste time and against scams, step right now to quickly examine all the systems on how to earn money online that if well implemented, can be very valuable and profitable:

Earn from Google Sniper 3.0

Google Sniper is an Online E-Book to earn 1000’s of $$ in one week. If you are an expert in some field particularly sought and where people spend money, then you can try your hand in creating an e-book, an audio-course, a video-course or even software and put it later in sale. In practice, it comes to selling information in digital format.

Know that many people, every day, they search the Internet for valuable information for this or that reason. Very often, people are willing to pay to have the right information at the right time. Actually, what I just said it ALWAYS and not just the birth of the internet.


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