Finding the right shampoo

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Many people love to take a shower often and it’s OK to wash hair every day if you use mild products. Just as washing your clothes should be done in moderation, the same goes for washing your hair. It is good for children to wash hair often because they sweat a lot, and it can give arp scalp. Arp may give crusts and cause hair loss.

ingredients of a shampoo are quite different

Finding the right shampoo

The shampoo is the first thing you should master to get healthy hair.

A general advice is to ask your hairdresser what is best for you or buy a shampoo that is mild to the skin.

A shampoo should have few of the negative parabens and fragrance allergens. A cheap shampoo can make the skin and hair bone dry, give redness and itching due to additives.A good shampoo makes the skin more elastic and soft, the hair becomes less dry and electrically.

The ingredients of a shampoo are quite different depending on what it should do for the hair. Therefore, there are also significant price differences. Proteins forces, for example, the hair as good oils can keep the color and make hair shiny.

Use shampoo in the right way

Many pour a dollop of shampoo into the hand and slaps it on top of the crown, then rummages around in your hair until it foams. But it is not the right approach. Instead, pour a little shampoo through your fingers and spread the hair with light fingers apart.Then the hair will become clean and the shampoo gives the effect you want.

Girls with long hair should wash their hair in two tempos – first they wash the scalp, before taking more shampoo and wash the lengths.

Many girls with long hair easily get fungus on the scalp, because they do not wash it right. It leaves traces of sweat and sebum in the scalp, which can cause a red itchy scalp and dandruff.

What to do after the shampoo?

When the shampoo is rinsed out, apply conditioner or conditioners in the hair – or hair treatment – at least 1-2 times a week. Hair can be hard and electrically because of the soap in the shampoo. Conditioner makes the hair soft and supple, while a hair treatment goes into the hair and retains moisture so that the hair does not break and tangle. A healthy and strong hair can handle a load of 60-80 kilos, which they previously showed off in circus arenas, where they strung up a lady in her own hair.

Cracked and split hairs

Many go to the hairdresser to cut broken and cut hair, so the hair looks healthier. But it is not the solution. Following this, it will only take a couple of weeks before the hair again begins to crack. Hair cures can repair damaged hair – the cure goes in and ‘glue’ hair ends back together.

How to use hair cures right

Distribute hair cures in the hair from the tips toward the bottom. Comb the hair through with a wide-toothed comb or the Anglo-developed brush Tangle Teezer, so the cure is distributed evenly.Tangle Teezer can handle the most tangled hair – even children – without it hurts.

Take a shower cap or cut a triangular hat of a plastic bag and set it on the head. Together they create a heat shield, which makes the regimen more effective.

Let the cure be in your hair, preferably for 10 – 15 minutes, while shaving or brushing your teeth.

Brush the hair properly

Brush your hair now, while you rinse the hair treatment/cure out.Start at the bottom of the neck and work towards the forehead. Then filter it. Many brushes over from the forehead and back, but then filter the hair and easily destroys it.Girls with long hair should start with the lower hair. Holding the part of the hair with one hand and the brush with the other.Move slowly up through your hair until you reach the top and front of the hair.

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