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Every girl and boy dream of being of legal age so that they can pass their driving test and drive around town. However passing a driving test is not exactly as easy as it may seem. In fact, there are many minor details that have to be perfected before you can pass your driving test. As a result of many young individuals who are actually very excited about getting their driving license fail in this test. The purpose of fitness to drive simulator test is to help people understand the basics of driving and get prepared for the test.


About the driver simulator

The driver simulator is a comprehensive software program that offers extensive online training to the people. The purpose of this training program is to help individuals learn all basic and advanced modules of driving in order to successfully get their driving license in the first attempt. The driver simulator software helps to train young girls and boy to cover the distance from fitness to drive simulator test successfully.

Features of the driver simulator software

The prominent features of the drive simulator software include

  • Basic training lessons for the beginners
  • Modules of training for visual training and auditory training
  • Testing senses of the applicants to polish basic instinctive skills such as gear changing, lane changing, the right use of indicator etc.
  • Advanced modules of learning for training to drive on highways and understand all priority rules
  • Training in varying weather conditions such as cold, hot, fog and rain

Modules of driving trainers program

There are basically two modules of the driving trainer’s program. The modules have been designed from a level of easy to difficult. These modules have been designed on basis of two major aspects of learning driving.

Module 1: Task Automation

This module is concerned with task automation. It includes learning the basic driving tasks and repeating all tasks over and over again to master all basic driving tasks. These basic tasks include

  • Gear shifts
  • Lane changing and variations
  • Usage of indicator during traffic
  • Usage of priority laws, rules and regulations

The basic purpose of this module is to help young learners get a grasp over basic driving practices. In order to excel and advance in the driving process in the future, it is important to have a basic grip over the underlying techniques. The purpose of going through the first module is not only to help pass the driving tests and also make the overall driving experience safe. Fundamental driving rules include rules such as looking into the rearview mirror repeatedly while driving.

Module 2: Visual scanning

This is the advanced module of learning. The purpose of this module is to take students one step ahead in the learning process and guide them to use their visual skills while driving. The visual senses play a very vital role in the overall driving experience. This is a reason why an entire module is dedicated to master the visual learning.

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