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Philips is considering to be the top brand in the world for its best products and uniqueness of its products. It has a high share of money in the market by its products. Consider to be the one of the best-selling brands in the world.

Philips kerashine hair dryer

Philipskerashine hair dryer is one of the best product Philips have ever produce. It has unique features and considers to be the best product all around the globe. As the time changing, the industry is no doubt becoming more and more powerful with regard to such products. Philips kerashine hair dryer were listed as one of the tops selling hair dryer in the India recent year in one of the newspaper.

Features of Philips kerashine hair dryer:

It has a cool looking body, having the black and golden colors which undoubtedly makes it body turn into a classy look.

It will operate on a 1600W power rating means it has a very strong & powerful motor. No doubt 1600W is considered to be the ideal power rating for any hair dryer after the bath. It will reduce the water present in the hair within no time without damaging the hair scalp. It has an ionic care feature which will produce the negative ions who will ultimately stable or neutralize the effect if excessive positive ions in the hair. That will result in the shiny hair look. It will make the hair silkier than before.

As it is electrically insulated so there will no risk of electrical failure and damaging the human tissues. It will distribute the heat equally on the scalp and save the hair from damage. It will also provide the protection to the hair and keep them shiny looking plus healthy too.

Philips kerashines hair dryer is no doubt consider to be the best product in the market. As this instrument will make the hair dryer within no moment with the minimum risk of damaging. It will keep your hair fresh and separate from each other the whole day. The use of Philips kerashine hair dryer on regular bases will also no effect the scalp as it is medically declared as one of the safest product.

It will give the cool burst too which will also dry the hair without heating. It will also set your hair after drying them with the hot burst

Technical Specifications of Philips kerashine hair dryer:

  1. Cool burst
  2. 2 years company warranty of Philips kerashine hair dryer
  3. Length: 1.5 metre
  4. Power rating: (1 6 0 0 W)
  5. The Hanging loop

It is available at different prices on different sites. On Flipkart, it is of cost 1695 rupees, and on amazon, it will available for 1600 rupees.


Philips kerashine hair dryer is one of the finest hair dryers nowadays having met all the requirements a good hair dryer have to meet. Also allows you to create a different kind of styling with the help of it. So it’s a suggestion to go for Philips kerashine hair dryer while buying the hair dryer.

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