4 Strategies to Get More Traffic

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Develop Your Own Blog

It’s very important to create a blog. The reason why is due to the organic traffic created just from regular updates. You can optimize your content to perform better for the search engine. People love free value. Whether you discuss trending topics or come from a different perspective it’s good to have a blog.

Word of Mouth Marketing and Referral Marketing Blog

Step 1: Find your niche.

Step 2: Set up a plan for often you’ll update your blog.

Step 3: Start off with a week’s worth of posts and spread it out.

Step 4: Keep tabs on the interaction with your comments and traffic.

For a good example of a quality blog, check out the Word of Mouth Marketing and Referral Marketing Blog.

Place Products in Videos

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but the right videos can exceed even that quota. Video gives you a good vantage point to be really creative. When it comes to marketing in videos, there are a few ways you can gain traffic. You can do a behind the scenes look of the product and give a good description. Another step you can do is to create a daily or weekly blog with updates of new products. Maybe you can get someone on video to talk about the product to build more legitimacy to your brand. Bigcommerce shows a great example of doing this in their post on creating product videos. People love visuals so this is the perfect way to capture attention.

Create a Social Media Campaign

There are so many people love that love a good trending topic. It’s become a here today and gone this afternoon kind of environment that surely makes it important to get a hold on the latest trends. Step 1: Create your own social profile. Step 2: Get creative with your tweets to make them want to be shared. Step 3: Find influencers and recommend them to your followers. A good way you can do the last step is by recommending a post they made and they can send you a retweet. At the same token, you can show appreciation by writing a post supporting their argument or coming up with a different perspective. Check out Social Media Examiner’s post on 9 Tips for Becoming a Social Media Influencer.

Inspire Customer Reviews

The best way to gain traffic is through customer reviews. This builds legitimacy because there’s an honest approach to everything. People are more prone to believe a review whether it’s negative or positive, so it’s a must have on your site. Step 1: Have a customer feedback action after someone purchases the product. Step 2: Keep a section just for reviews so that people can actually view them. Step 3: Follow up the reviews and see if you can amend the experience. It’s important to have these reviews on deck because people want to gauge the brand for themselves. It’s almost like a preview before making a purchase. If you’re unsure of why customer reviews are important, take a look at this Forbes article.

What are some strategies you use for getting more traffic? Let us know in the comment section.


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